Straight from the Nate!

I love Nate Berkus....like looooove loooove :).  I think I'm like every other mom in the country, oh and Oprah, when I say that, but he really is the greatest, not to mention, styles rooms like no-other!  He has his own show now (I have not missed an episdode, thank you DVR!) and I even got lucky and was chosen for free tickets to the show a couple weeks ago.  The episode actually just aired this week and my friend Brittany and I were lucky enough to get front row tickets!  Check us out...

I literally could have touched him!

Not so sure I should have been looking up at the screen above there, whoops!

And was that much of a close-up really necessary?!! ;)

Anyone who is in NYC during a day the show is taping you can get tickets in advance from The Nate Show's website.  Here's the link: Get tix to Nate!

So his show is really geared towards women about 10-20 years older than me but what keeps me tuning in day after day is his amazing design personality!  He is so genuine and has a great knack for being able to explain so clearly why he selects certain pieces of furniture & decor all while making it comprehensive and fun for others to do the same.  He is such a natural!  All of his rooms are typically grounded with neutral colors and always feel light and airy with a strong uniqueness to them.  As he always says "a room should feel as though it were assembled over time" so it's very important to collect and purchase things as you go, layering, instead of decorating in a rush.  I could not agree with this philosophy more! 

Here are two examples of his work that best represent this to me.  The first is his Chicago living room.  And the second, my favorite, is his set on the show, designed to look and feel just like a home....

And then one of a shelving unit I created & decorated over time in my own apartment...

Over the last few years my boyfriend James and I been attending this really great contemporary church in our neighborhood.  Recently our Pastor, Brian, who's in his mid 30's, shared a story with us of how we all start to feel old and out of the loop at a certain point in life.  In his case, he was back to school shopping with his son looking for new sneakers.  After his son tried on a pair Brain said, "Campbell those are dope!  They are like off the hook!"  His son looked at him like he had two heads and asked him if he could wait outside.  Brian asked him why and Campbell said "Dad, you can't say that anymore- the word's 'BEAST' now."  So in reply Brian told him with all enthusiasm, arm-swinging included, "Son, those are BEAST!"  It had me cracking up for days and I was happy to have also learned the new cool word.

So long story short....Nate, you and your designs are forever BEAST! :)

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