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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I had a quiet day of relaxing, full of Taylor Swift, and shared it with my sweet girlfriend and lovely chef & turkey extraordinaire-boyfriend.  I wanted to say how blessed I am for everyone in my life and for all you guys who constantly show your support and encouragement.  THANK YOU a zillion!!  It most definitely was a day to give thanks and reflect.  

On that note, I also want to give a special thanks to Michelle Adams right now.  She's the the editor of Lonny Mag.  For those of you who remember Domino (*RIP, tear*) she had worked for them and then when they closed thankfully gave us all a glimmer of hope by delivering the most precious gem of an online magazine, called Lonny.  This particular Oct/Nov edition just took me right back to one of my favorite stops on our summer get-away.  Let the reminiscing begin!!...

It was to Florence and I fell madly in love with this city after we spent just a couple of days there.  Florence was the one city on our trip that we didn't have a hotel booked beyond the first night.  We thought we'd be adventurous and find something for the remaining days once we got there.  J.K. Place was the chic-est hotel I'd ever come across...literally we stumbled upon it walking through the Piazza Santa Maria Novella.  

It was right up my alley, "a boutique hotel" as they say, with a neutral color palette mixed with tons of vintage & modern decor.  Not only is the decor amazing (which I will show you in a minute) but I freaked out because it's James and my initials...layer on the cheese now, haha!

I'm so excited Lonny Mag did a whole article on it because after we inquired about the price per night there was no time for me to get into full blown tourist mode and snap a bunch of pics before the door slammed behind us ;).  It was definitely a dream hotel because of the price but I highly recommend if anyone's work travel budget allows it or if it's for a very special occasion.  

Here's the entrance.  Quite honestly I thought it was an awesome antique shop!

The building used to be a deserted condominium.  The owner made sure to preserve original architectural details like the ceilings shown here.  The contrast between how sweet and rustic the original ceiling is against the dark and traditional rich library-feel of the room is absolutely amazing!  This room is actually the reception, which can be found down the antique-filled hallway and off to the left.  It's disguised so well to mask the typical "hotel feel" of a receptionist.  There's a beautiful table stacked with books which hides the computer and desk.  I love this! 

Breakfast is served around an oval-shaped dining table under a glass-domed courtyard where the setting encourages guests to talk amongst each other and swap travel stories.  The room used to be a floral shop.  Now can you see why I loved it so much? ;) 

Here are the hotel's lounges.  There's one downstairs and another upstairs.  The entire hotel was designed and decorated to make you feel like you were staying at a friend's beautiful home.  

This was my absolute favorite spot in the hotel, on the back left hand side of the first floor was an elegant exposed stair case and to me that just made it feel even more like a cozy home.  I died over the paintings sitting on each step too.  So chic and not one bit fussy!  Really pictures and words can not express how beautiful this place is!   

The weather this week's been a bit gloomy...Black Friday's got a whole literal meaning going on today ;).  With the new year approaching, it's really gotten me in the mood to reminisce.  I think my next post or two will be more about all of the inspiring decor I saw along our trip this past summer in the sun so stay tuned! 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Happy shopping and may the force (tons of patience) be with you if you're braving it out there today! :)

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