Flower District Inspiration...

Thanks to the Mark event I found some other great ideas for future floral design and decorating projects and thought I'd share.  Check 'em out!...

Gold sprayed peach roses.  How different & elegant, right?!!  They're alive too, not dried!!  I had to ask! 

Beautiful horn bowls and cups...the bowl would be amazing as any entry way piece filled with a neat beaded necklace or wooden bracelets.  I love when beautiful ornate jewelry is out in a home.  It's art so why not put it out on display!  I thought the cup would be great filled with the roses above or maybe some amazing pheasant feathers or porcupine quills!

Here are some super inexpensive and beautiful woven rugs and seat cushion covers.  What an awesome way to add a sophisticated worldly-touch to the home! 

I was rummaging around in the back and look what I found!  This floral supply store sells super chic metallic curtain finials too!

These are beautiful barnacles.  I love using nature in whatever way possible when decorating.  I am toying with the idea of doing a romantic dusty purple bedroom and just think this would be such a perfect accent piece on the dresser or nightstand.  

I was ecstatic to find these silver julep cups...they make a super elegant vase for flowers, especially white roses!

Lastly, I found these great birch wood tiles.  I thought using these to cover the top of a table or dresser or even backing bookcases or a buffet would be really cool.

I can't tell you enough how awesome it feels when you are in the zone for one project and then all of a sudden your mind is flooded with tons of ideas for others thanks to all the creative elements around.  I love finding materials that make me push my limits too!  Such a successful trip to the flower district...I can't wait to use some of these ideas in my upcoming projects.

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