Hello my name is...KATRINA SCOTT DESIGN

Wow, Day 1!...Welcome to the world of blogging!  Oh, Happy Day!  I knew I'd enter this realm sooner than later, just can't believe today's actually the day!  

So for those of you who don't already know me, my name is Katrina Scott. This fall marks my ten year anniversary, wait, that's a decade of being in NYC!!  And what better way to celebrate than following my dreams by pursuing my love of interior decorating and now even starting my very own blog!  I'm really stoked.

See I had been in the world of fashion ever since I moved to the city.  I knew I needed to be in a creative field, and I loved anything visual, styling and merchandising so I thought that was the right fit for me.  Little did I know that that really wasn't the industry for me.  It was actually the troubles & stress of moving in NYC that did me so right.  Each time I had to move and change apartments I was afforded the opportunity to decorate, redecorate, scour Craigslist, vintage stores, flea markets and even make an occasional Zipcar run to Ikea and Tarjay ;).  This led to me creating unique, budget-conscious, well designed spaces that finally felt like a cozy home in such a fast paced and sometimes cold city.  Even my friends liked my work (or maybe they were all just being nice, ha!). But from there I was fortunate enough to have the best support system and was able to help other friends do the same with their own spaces.

So on my first day as a blogger I thought I'd share my portfolio.  There are two parts, the first link is to the inspiration part of my book.  Here I composed 4 different themes around furniture & decor, antiques, fashion and textiles to show things that move me as a designer and what I gravitate towards.  My goal here was to show my strong background in fashion & textiles and how it truly aids to my aesthetic for interiors.  


The second link has some of the spaces I've decorated and staged thus far, some even with before pictures in the front.  

Happy 10-year anniversary to me and thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this very special day! oxox       


  1. This is fantastic!!! There are so many of your inspirations that inspire me. I'll visit often and look forward to viewing many more of your ideas & creations.

  2. This looks amazing!! I'm so excited! Don't stop blogging girl!

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