Mixing whites...

Everyone loves white in the home but it isn't always so practical.  It dirties so easily and sometimes reads way too stark...at least until now!  Here's some stylish & effective ways to incorporate white in the home...

1) Mix your neutrals!

If you are a white lover make sure to choose different shades of whites, creams, and ivorys.  You will never be able to match whites perfectly- every one is so different so be sure to layer them all.  Don't be afraid to mix your neutrals!

2) Apply Scotch Gard!

It's my #1 trick!  I have had a light cream chair for about 5 years now and have sprayed it with Scotch Gard only once or twice and I swear it's kept it practically as new as the day I bought it.  It's a dream tool... you can spray pillows, chairs, sofas, rugs, etc!  It helps prevent spills from penetrating and color and dirt on clothes from rubbing off onto the surface.  I know I sound like an infomercial right now but trust me, it's a must-have to keep on hand in your home if you have any light colored textiles.  I highly recommend getting-down with your inner-granny and purchasing a can asap! :)

3) Mix whites w/ earth tones

Mixing white with earth tones can seriously up the chic-factor.  Especially those in the grey, clay and putty families.  The earth tones help add a warm factor to the white, which can sometimes can come off with a very sterile feel, especially if there's not enough soft-scaping going on.  

4) Add a pop color with white

Adding a pop color really sets off the white.  It makes the white feel very stark, almost like a blank canvas.  This really conveys a feeling of playfulness and can up the young factor.  This is great if you love modern design or are decorating a child's room.

And here are some of my favorite white furniture & decor pieces out in the market today (*note, each is a different shade of white)...

Here's to longer lasting whites and lots of mixing & matching!

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