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I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I've been really blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, especially during this transition period.  As I was leaving the world of fashion this past Spring so many amazing souls reached out to me and offered help, resources and mentoring in so many ways.  One of those people was someone that I have known now for geez, 5 years!  Her name is Nicole and she's one of the most upbeat, kind and hilarious people I've ever known.  Her personality is contagious and you never want your time with her to end!  I first met her when I was working for Gap Inc, she had come from San Fran and was there to revamp the denim line.  Then after moving to Ralph Lauren I ran into her again and couldn't have been happier to see her.  I was having a rough day and I didn't even know that she was at RL too.  I remember our reuniting as me practically falling into her arms.  I was so excited to see a familiar face, none warmer than hers!  We had a good run at Polo together but she, like myself, has other passions.  She is an extremely talented photographer and most recently I was fortunate enough to book her before the holidays to photograph my entire apartment.  It was incredible to see her in her element and to watch the whole process unfold.

Here's a few 'before' shots of my apt that I've taken on my own...I just know the 'after' ones are going to blow my mind!


So when Nicole first got to my apartment, she took her shoes off right away so she could get comfortable,  a steady and balanced shot and to really get in the zone- get on the ground if need be, brace herself against a wall for the perfect angle, etc.  Her shoes, by the way, were adorable...menswear-esque suede MacAlister boots.  She kicked them off right in front of the the coat rack that is next to our entryway table.

Her shoes looked like these (minus the pigeon, I just thought this painting was great ;)...

She then took her scarf off and draped it over the coat rack.  It made for the perfect first staged photo-op and I'm really excited to see how that one turned out!  

Here's one photo I shot of the entryway previously...

Nicole really gets to know her client.  She gets a feel for your sense of style and who you are, what your trying to convey and does her darnedest to portray exactly that in her work.  We vibed so incredibly well!

The photos I'm dying to see most are of a little vignette she and I staged.  She loved the mismatched dining chairs I have and thought it would be fun to feature them in a funny juxtaposed 'Alice in Wonderland' kind of floaty scene if you can visualize in your head ;).  

And we did just that...incorporating a vintage door knob shelf, some frames, rope, a spool of twine and even added some tiny flower arrangements I had done.  

In a nutshell, IT IS ME!  It's exactly my style, the materials I flock towards most, the colors, textures, vintage pieces, everything!  It quite possibly may be my new single image for my business cards and blog now.  I am so stoked.  It was the greatest experience!

In the meantime, I want to share Nicole's work so you can see for yourself how talented she is.  Check out her website here: Bond White Photography.  She specializes in fashion, landscapes and portraits but has experience with engagement & weddings too.  I could not recommend her more!

I should be getting the photos towards the end of this week or early next and am ecstatic to share.  I'm really hoping that having these will not only strengthen my portfolio but give me an even better chance of getting on the Nate Show too :).  Fingers crossed again everyone!

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