Framed fabrics...

A couple of weeks ago a friend came over to take pictures of my apartment and as I was walking her through it I realized I have a love for using fabric remnants in unexpected ways.  Thought I'd share some of these ideas with you...

Here's an inexpensive white wood frame that I put a remnant of an expensive woven fabric in it to frame and then placed on a shelf to use as a small tray to add texture and color when displaying a piece of coral and a rock a friend brought us back from Croatia. 

Here's a vintage flour sack from my hometown that I framed.  I think it's important to personalize your decor and make your home read you.  And if you're like me, I always have a bunch of frames on hand...especially ones I don't particularly like.  Don't be afraid to revamp them.  This one was actually a black metal frame that didn't compliment the natural look of the flour bag so I went ahead and painted it this rustic mushroom color.  It looks like a totally different frame!

The next idea originated when James and I lived in our studio apartment a couple years ago.  I found this room divider on Craigslist, originally from West Elm.  It was the perfect piece to separate our bed from the living room.  I decided to back it in a really nice fabric that not only has a beautiful face but the back side is equally as nice so when it shows through the open cutwork of the frame it still looks finished.  I hammered upholstery nail heads equal distance all the way around its perimeter to attach the fabric to the perimeter of the frame, leaving about a 1/4" edge.  Then once we moved into our 1 br apartment I wasn't sure what to do with it and decided to rest it behind a bench seat in our bedroom which gave it a cool high-back look.  I think another great idea for it would be to turn it horizontally and use it as a headboard.  Maybe an idea for if we ever have a guest room ;).

And lastly, this design idea I originally derived when working at Ralph Lauren.  They had beautiful large equestrian and native amercian silk scarves similar to this one framed in the hallway near my office. 
I think this is such an inexpensive and easy way to add amazing art to your walls.  Most of us women probably have a large collection of them and since they're no longer in fashion we may as well display them until it comes the day when they're popular again. 

As you can see I think patterned or graphic scarfs work best, but florals could also work.  Honestly, anything that best suits you and your personality is what belongs on your walls.

Obviously the most precise way to frame a scarf is to take it to your local framing shop because they can press it and secure it in the frame and matte of your choice.  But I always like to take a stab at my own little weekend projects and for this I would do as follows:
1. Starch and steam/iron scarf flat
2. use double-sided tape to secure it on a cardboard or cardstock backing OR (so long as you won't want to wear it again) use spray adhesive to affix it to backing
3. pop in frame of choice 

Isn't this beautiful?!

Hope you guys enjoy these.  I should probably scour my apartment a little more often for quick and fun ideas to share :).  I got a sewing machine and a cordless hot glue gun (who knew they even existed?!) this year for Xmas and can't wait to get crafting!  I definitely see curtains, pillows and decorative lamp shades in my near future.  Stay tuned!

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