Circular clustered wall art

So as I'm researching and getting inspiration for creative decor ideas to use in my new projects I've been catching myself repeatedly gravitating towards big wall statements.  I've been noticing a large trend in hanging ethinic-inspired circular woven baskets and now even, ceiling medallions.  I am totally digging these large scale wall art collections assembled from decor items that are used in a very non-traditional way.  Not to mention, they're an extremely reasonable way to make a huge statement! 

Check out the images I've found...

This is my fave.  In a lobby of a hotel, floor to ceiling neutral-toned baskets along the wall.

Bigger baskets here...creating a very sweet vignette over a bench.

In this image vintage ceiling medallions were painted in hues of yellow and hung organically along the wall...

Here, more of the ceiling medallions vintage-state is preserved by painting them all in a white bisque.

And here are some spots where you can find these great woven baskets and celiing medallions.

On Etsy search "African basket" and "ceiling medallion" to find these....

Click here on West Elm's site to find these....

And here on Lowes to find these great paintable/stainable medallions...

Crossing my fingers my client's will like them as much as me so that I get to try out creating my own! :)


  1. i LOVE those! and the globes are so gorgeous!! and the mat with yalls initials-hello!! LOVE IT!!! hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! Loving all the pics!!

  2. Katrina I am trying a very similar look for my living room as you have shown on first image ( large wall full of basket art). Any suggestions where to find them online? Thanks