Kelly Wearstler I thee wed, I mean bed! ;)

Kelly Wearstler is one of my absolute favorite designers.  Look at her!  A successful mom who in my mind's got it all going on! :) 
I flip through her book, Hue, that my awesome brother gifted me, like it's a dirty romance novel.  She is flawlessly able to mix graphic patterns, colors and antiques (especially art deco) in order to achieve the most glamorous and drool-worthy rooms like no other.  Not to mention, she frequently uses my favorite chair ever made, the domed Versailles, in her designs.  Major brownie points from muah for the double whammy below!
As most successful designers do, she has countless homes, hotels and restaurants under her belt and now even a few product lines.  She most recently teamed up with Sferra to design bedding and table linens.  I really regret not picking up something from the 'Raked Sands' collection.  The tonal nude pallette was simply beautiful and would have been stunning to design a bedroom around.   
Every night before I sleep I pray that she will again partner with Sferra and create something similar.  Hey, it could happen, John Derian did it with Target!  A couple of months ago I found a striped throw at Filene's Basement for $30...it was just what I needed for the end of our bed.  The silver lining: it was Sferra!  It is my all-time favorite throw, softer than any I've ever had.  I pray that this blanket won't turn me into a linen snob but hey, it just proves my point...that you can always find amazing decor on a budget.  You just have to be up for the hunt and be able to recognize great quality!
Now as I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my softest blanket to keep.  If I should die before I wake, I pray Kelly Wearstler has a new Sferra line out for all my readers to take! :)

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