Modern + Vintage + Austin= HEAVEN!

There's nothing I love more than mixing modern with vintage...and oh, have I mentioned Austin, TX?!  Thank you Apartment Therapy for yet again showing me the best of both worlds that I can't currently have! ;)  In all seriousness, this house tour is amazing.  A super modern structure decorated in a very whimsical way with lots of french-inspired textiles and antiques.  The eclectic feel just radiates although the color palette is so soft and simple.  It looks as though the house would smell faintly of lavender, doesn't it?  Check it out....(Beautiful) Austin Home

Make sure you don't miss all the little details like the wrought iron framed kitchen table and the rustic chair, broom and tiny bird by the fireplace!  Absolutely charming!

One of my favorite items used in decorating more and more these days are old apothecary or metal curio cabinets.  They're such a refreshing update to a hutch or typical wood shelving unit.  I love how it instantly turns your trinkets into beautifully showcased museum-worthy pieces!  Sometimes a little pricey and tricky to find, but totally worth the hunt!  Isn't this one great?!....

This next idea is creativity at it's best!  I've experienced that window treatments are one the most difficult parts of decorating.  Everyone's windows are so different and a standard rod and drapes doesn't always cut it.  Especially in these new modern spaces!  This owner handmade fabric covered panels customized to her windows so she could slip them in and get more privacy whenever she wanted.  So cool!

I also loved the organic feel of how these frames and art are just sitting on top of this bench, not hung, just propped against the wall.  Not quite sure how I feel about the butt cast up top though...you can decide for yourself :).

I'll leave the rest for you to see for yourself, definitely don't want to spoil everything!  

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm going to my first college football game in Maryland!  Yay for the hometown crowd...crabcakes & football baby, that's what MD does!  Wish me luck ;).


  1. i love this!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! you are so talented!! when will yall move back so we can swap decorating ideas!!!???

  2. YES!!! thanks for the window treatment ideas!