Diorama Designer...

I've always loved this fun fact, you've probably even heard me repeat it again and again and it's that, "an average person goes through four major career changes over the course of their life".  No I didn't read it in a fortune cookie, I think a friend may have shared it, but it gives me hope especially while I'm in the midst of my transitioning stage from fashion to interior decorating.  There's got to be some truth behind it and also that motherhood and retirement count as career changes too :).  If I'm calculating right, than that must mean I'm on my last! (kidding)

1) fashion at age 21
2) decorating at 26
3) mother at 45
4) retirement at 55

And what a great life it will be!  I should really go see a fortune teller just to make sure.  I wonder what Miss Cleo's up to these days ;).

Recently in New York Mag a man by the name of Rick Finkelstein and his Soho design studio was featured in their space of the week.  First public defender then NYU Law professor, now turned artist: sketcher, painter, photographer and diorama extraordinaire.  Here's his space.  Doesn't it make you just want to dive in and go to town?! 

He creates dioramas out of bell jars and even Elizabethan-style cabinets.  How insanely cool are these?!  You know how much I'm a sucker for curio cabinets!!

Here's one the the bell jars he's done of a baseball player, the before and after...

Here's a diorama box he's made out of a desk or dresser drawer.  It's of three cyclists but I know it totally reminds you of E.T. which James and I just happened to catch on TV the other day.   It's so funny trying to watch the little alien now and keep a straight face.  And then there's little Drewe- so darn cute!  Definitely worth a re-watch at this age!  

Last but not least, here's my fave...one of his cabinets of curriosities.  Made out of a vintage dresser from a flea market, I love that the front door has portholes in which you see the little scenes he's assembled and back-lit inside.  

He also does doll houses!  Check out the entire slideshow here.  I'm sure I could really learn a thing or two about transitioning from Rick!


  1. I can completely relate.

  2. So....since I'm two years too late to retire, can I have a 5th chance @ a career change? LOVE your blogs!..and your style!!