Festive Banner Flags

Something keeps pulling my eye toward banner flags...maybe it's their vintage feel or the decorating mode I've been in for the holidays lately, or maybe even a throw back to my favorite movie, Troop Beverly Hills, but I am absolutely loving them!  Over the last couple of days two different versions of these, each so unique and beautiful in their own way totally captured not only my interest but my wallet's too ;). 

The first I found while searching on Etsy (my absolute fave) for unique xmas tree ornaments and craft supplies in order to make my own.  I love buying from the Etsy community- they all just ooze with creativity and rarely do I ever flinch an eye at supporting small but super talented artists.  Don't you love giving back? Tis the season and especially with all the added holiday cheer it just makes you feel all tingly inside! :) 

Check out this great etsy artist who is an expert collager and handmakes banner flags out of pages from vintage national geographic maps!  Palimpsestic- Collage Art by Jennifer Tatroe

It is right up my alley!  There are many sizes to choose from and she will custom print any word or phrase you want on them.  She even makes them for teachers...

And holiday-themed ones too.  This one is from a vintage map of the North Pole, how cute!  My favorite part is Jennifer wraps them around library cards!  They make such great gifts!

I just purchased the extra long one and had it custom printed "Cabine de Gorman" for my design-bestie and her husband's Xmas present.  For now, until the cabin's finished in the spring, they can use it as garland and hang it on their tree.  I can't wait for it to get here!

The other banner flag that caught my eye is actually a beautiful print of one from a local gallery here, 20x200, on the Lower East Side.  The owner, Jen Beckman, promotes great new artists and offers tons of affordable art, some even for $20!  This print, called Winter Flags, starts at just $59.

Plus, today if you go on OKL you can purchase a certificate for just $59 and it's good towards $100 of her art!  How great is that?!  Here are some of the other prints you can find on her site I absolutely loved as well.

Tis the season for shopping and spreading holiday cheer.  Let's be sure we all do our part now ;).


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