Bradenton Market

My second favorite stop was finding the local market during our little two day vacay in Sarasota.  After driving around for most of the day in search of the weekly "Beach Street Market" we had read about we finally found it towards the end of the day, realizing we had only passed it twice earlier that morning, ha!
It was a quaint local market...lots of fresh produce and many crafters gearing up for the holiday season...

I loved the local farmers!  I caught these guys mid action loading up the balance of the watermelons.  I don't think they appreciated me snapping their photo in the midst of their hard manual labor but hey it was all in the name of capturing the full atmosphere for this post! :)

I thought this wind chime with these shells was really pretty, so natural and delicate looking.  It was hanging outside at one of the stores right down the block from the market.

We also stumbled upon this super creative "hippy dippy" store as my mom likes to say.  I love stores that feature talented local artists and really hope to be able to do the same one day with my own.  This particular artist crafted hanging sculptures made from frying pans and woks.  I thought these would be really neat to complete a cool industrial look over a bar or kitchen island.  Mini herb gardens or hanging plants sitting in each would be great.  I should definitely keep this idea in mind for any future restaurant decorating work, especially with the whole farm-to-table craze nowadays.

This is the store's back yard where they have a coffee bar and live music weekly.  Lots of brightly painted sculptures and branches everywhere...

And here's the little table outside our hotel room on the beach.  James sat there and ate stone crabs one day.  It was charming with a perfect view of the sunsets too.

Now can you see why it was so hard for us to come back to reality?...20 degrees and freezing and now even a blizzard too! :)

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