I've been on a whirlwind this month....as I mentioned already the FL wedding, plus tons of temp work, and numerous holiday parties.  I want to extend my apologies again for the lag in posts but I've definitely got lots to share now.  During the second week in December, I helped my two girlfriends set up for their job's loft-warming work party.  They both started working for an awesome company called Purpose a couple of months ago.
In layman's terms, Purpose creates 21st century movements in an effort to help solve major global problems.  The company is such a change for all of us after having worked in the fashion world for so long.  It is seriously a J.O.B. good for the mind, body and soul!  It's gotta be so nice for them to be part of a group working towards such amazing, world-changing goals.  The company is currently working on a few large projects...they are launching a transnational LGBT rights movement, starting an education-based movement on bullying, as well as creating the groundwork for a consumer movement into the transition to electric cars.  They consistently partner with exciting players in the green and social economy like Dove, Livestrong and Nokia in order to reach the largest target audience possible with such lasting and progressive causes.  A lot of what they do is still a little hard for me to fully understand after spending such a short amount of time with them but here's their website so you can check it out some more.

Now on to the party!  They recently moved into an amazing loft space in Nolita and instead of doing a typical holiday party they wanted to have more of a "loft-warming" soiree and christen the space.  I helped pickup and carry a bunch of the materials as well as put together and arrange all the food platters. It was a blast for me- you know how much I love to entertain!

Check out the space- isn't it amazing?!  It's an old warehouse building with a freight elevator.  I took this shot from the upstairs that houses the kitchen and lounge-like eating area with a couch. 

This is the light fixture in the upstairs space.  It's really neat and super industrial looking.

This was such a neat idea for a guest book.  It's just large sheets of craft paper and a tall vase for guests to leave their business card.

All of the employees are so creative.  We had used every single bowl in the office to hold chips and snacks so one clever fellow ended up making a festive pyramid out of the clementines, no bowl necessary!  I loved the pop of color it added and was a sweet gesture for guests to grab one on the way out if they wanted.

Now here's the party getting started...

The large prints framed in gallery-esque frames were hung all along the long right wall of the space in between each set of windows.  They looked so great and easily became a conversation starter between guests at each food station.

The entire space is very laid back and comfortable not only for Purpose peeps but their guests too.  It really proves that a laid-back atmosphere doesn't encourage laziness because these people work their butts off and are truly brilliant!   

These are my favorite pieces.  Scattered around the office there are large old metal drawer units.  So great for storage and I love how they offset the whole white modern vibe.  They really compliment the old brick and wood floors in the space.

It's really nice that there are plants everywhere.  It's really important to add some green and make a otherwise cold & old loft space alive and inviting.  I also like the unexpectedness of some of the decor in the space, especially this wooden bear.  He is so cool and random, I love it! 

As I was leaving and waiting for the elevator to come, this was just another reminder of what a cool office it is...the old prewar stairwell with some of their coworker's bikes.

I guess I made a decent enough impression on the boss man at the loft party that I ended up being invited back in a temp role to fill in for one of my friends who would be traveling for a few weeks.  My next task at Purpose was to work on their storage closet over the two weeks.  They had ordered some white lacquer cabinets from Ikea and I got to go to town organizing.  It was right up my alley!  I wasn't able to get a picture of the whole room but here's a before and after of the cabinets. 
I'm really thankful to have had this opportunity with Purpose and just stoked that I continue to be immersed with such brilliant & talented humans everyday :).

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