Man vs. Rain

On this oh so gloomy and rainy day I'm inspired to talk about two pieces of decor that I believe are absolute necessities, especially in NY apartments!  Enter the almighty COAT RACK and UMBRELLA STAND...da daa daaaa!

Whether your home has a foyer or entryway or not, it doesn't matter!  These pieces are absolute must haves.  They require little space, cozy up the joint and bring never ending charm and comfort to your home.  Trust me, when you're not dragging dripping wet items all through the house to later step in those puddles in your dry socks, you'll thank me.  I found my very own coat rack and an old brass bucket (for the umbrella stand) at vintage stores for around $50.   

Here are some ideas to get you started on finding these must-haves...

This is my fave...a vintage wooden shipping barrel I found on Etsy.  It sells for $90 but you could find something just like this at a flea market...be on the lookout!

Here's another great piece to use as an umbrella stand I found on Etsy for $37.50.  It's an old shaker bucket and even has separate compartments if you're OCD like me and like to have everything sorted ;).

This one was from Etsy as well.  I love the regal-feel it has.  And for a whopping $45 could even be used to keep a bottle of champagne cold when guests are over!  

Urban Outfitters and CB2 always have reasonably priced accessories for the home.  I found that they both have a great selection of more modern coat racks.  Check out these two...
This one is from CB2 and also comes in white.  It is $39.95!
This one is from Urban and comes in five fun colors for $68

And if you really don't have the space for one of these trees (I believe you if it's NY!), I found some adorable birch tree hooks for the wall from a company in Vermont on Etsy.  Check out how great these are.  Set of 5 for $14!

Feel free to let me know if you need some extra help on this hunt and I'd be happy to offer some suggestions.  This rainy weather's supposed to continue through tomorrow so good luck on the search and here's to puddle jumping and having a dry home!


  1. Raining in FL too today. I never use umbrellas but hats are a must. You're coat tree suggestions are perfect for hats also! Thanks!

  2. Love the light fixtures on either side of that entryway mirror! Hope you are staying warm & dry today... keep up the blog- it's great!!!
    xoxo- April H.

  3. Lovin' your ideas my Girl!