Moving time...now or June?

Oh the joy of moving in NY....trying to gather as many boxes in the week(s) before that you can carry on your way home from work, constantly bugging the workers at your closest Duane Reade, Dagastino and whatever baby store is near by (trust me, they're the friendliest and always have the biggest boxes!).  James and I are coming up on the end of our year lease in our 1 bedroom "mansion" (900 sf with a balcony is just that in NYC!).  We were lucky enough to stumble upon it on Craigslist last year and even talked down the monthly rent $100/month.  I'm chalking up that our luck was really a sign of the times but boy did I get ROYALLY spoiled with space, especially the most important of all, CLOSET SPACE!  Up until this apartment, never in all my 27 years had I ever had a double-door deep walk-in closet.  We seriously could have taken the doors off and made it into an office or as one friend suggested, a second bedroom ;).  In our first home together, our little love-nest, a 600 sf studio, James constructed and named for me my "on deck rack".  That particular closet was so small and tight that I couldn't get in there so I'd have to pick out and assemble five outfits in preparation of the coming week and hang them on a small front bar, aka: my "on-deck rack".  Gotta love the creativity small spaces in NYC spurs! I decided it couldn't hurt to start finding ideas for future space saving techniques in the mean time.  So here they are...

This is one of the chic-est studios I've ever seen...so well put together!  It doesn't even bother me that there is not even a screen or book case hiding the bed.

I love these looks for added storage in the kitchen...

And these for when there's no room for a desk....

We have till this coming Monday November, 15th (4 days!) to tell our current landlord whether we're going to accept a lease extension of 6 months with an increased monthly rent or move out.  We'd love to stay and wait until the spring but at the same time I could just as easily get super excited about decorating a new space of my own.  There's just something different for me when I decorate a space of my own vs for a client.  I think it's because when it's my own I eat, sleep and breathe in the space all the time so I am really able to figure out what the space calls for and what works best where.  Guess we'll have to see what these next couple of days bring...keep you posted!

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  1. what did yall decide??? are you staying or moving??? and i love nate! was the show so fun??? yall look so cute on the front row!