Top of 'The List': Accessories inspired by textiles!

As much as I love furniture & decor, the strongest influence in my life that helped me to find my 'true calling in life' (decorating) has been fashion. I believe it is one of the biggest factors and source of inspiration in home design, especially for me in my own designs.  If anyone watched HGTV's Design Star this past season I thought it was pure genius that contestant and winner, Emily Henderson, designed rooms around people's wardrobes.  Everyone who knows me can pretty much pinpoint my style by my immense love for anything ethinic or tribal-inspired.  I go ga-ga for any shape or form of ikat (yes, still!) in both the home and wardrobe.  I seriously can't get enough of it...in blankets, pillow shams, bracelets, camis & dresses galore!
Example A) our shower curtain.... 

Example B) a top I have owned for 4+ years and probably will never get rid of (it even has a small tear!)
My boyfriend, James, always jokes that I have a never-ending wish list of items.  It ranges from a french bulldog puppy to a bungalow in SOCO, ATX, but on a lighter note, as Fall shopping continues, I wanted to share with you all a few textile-inspired items that I'm drooling over right now.  I'm sure he'll be happy to know that they made it to the top of 'THE LIST' :).

Hope you enjoy and feel free to pass these finds along to friends (ahem James), as Xmas is just around the corner ;).

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