Agate is quite popular these days, especially in home decor.  It's a type of quartz, characterized by it's grain, found in rocks.  I remember flying home from Las Vegas two years ago and on the way to the airport there was this random science & geology shop, I'm sure you've seen similar ones in kiosks in your local mall.  And through the window there were these large half-moon shaped rocks calling out to me.  I ducked in to check them out and realized they were a pair of bookends made from agate and I had to have a set.  They were so reasonable, something ridiculous, like $30 for the pair.  James thought they were weird and immediately nixed :(.

A year later I vividly remember sending him the link to an exact pair (like the one's below) on Anthropologie's website for somewhere around $300!  I could have killed him, lol!

Since that trip I have managed quite well to find myself amongst an agate or two in my own home.

The first thing that has long since replaced my need for agate bookends was from my brother as house-warming gift when we first moved into our 1 bedroom, "the mansion".  It's a beautiful piece of amethyst dipped in silver which created the base-like stand for it.    He found it at an antique shop in PA and it's absolutely one of my most favorite pieces of decor we own.

Also found in PA, at a local gift shop is this small piece of agate that I have in a bell jar on my entryway table.  I love how every piece of agate is so different in color and the grain.  I think putting anything unexpected under a bell jar automatically makes it seem more interesting too. 

Found at the same small gift shop in PA as the piece of agate, also was this small ring holder.  Made by a local craftsman, it is pieces of glass melted to create this kaleidoscope-looking tiny bowl.  I picked up one for my design-bestie that complimented her gorgeous yellow sapphire engagement ring and it always warms my heart to see it sitting on her bathroom vanity.  Her husband even puts his wedding band in it too! :)

Next I need to give my momma a more than well deserved shout-out now!  If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have nearly even a quarter of the inspiration and creative spirit I do today.  My mom's an avid flea market and thrift store shopper, at this point she really is a pro.  The finds she picks up are incredible.  To name a few as of late, she's found a Cynthia Vincent dress for $10, Justin boots for $10 and a tailored super chic long black blazer for $10 which later she found a $10 bill in the pocket!  She recently told me she had watched an episode of 'What Not To Wear' and Stacy London, our fave, was wearing this neat large statement necklace made out of three black agate stones.    She remembered that she had purchased a handful of agate pieces just like the ones in Stacy's necklace at a thrift shop for a $0.99 a piece!  She had bought them to resell in her booth at the local antique mall, figuring someone might be creative enough to use them as coasters.

But after seeing Stacy's necklace she immediately jumped in her car and drove to the mall in hopes they were still there.  She grabbed the 3 brown ones she had bought (she knows I wear way more brown than black) and then took them to her local jeweler where she selected a vintage gold chain and worked with him to create a necklace just like Stacy's on TV.  It's seriously my absolute favorite Xmas present to date and most favorite piece of jewelry I own.  It's so me, I love the story and creativity behind it and every time I wear it I feel like I'm wearing a piece of home decor and have a constant reminder around my neck to keep focused and to have patience while pursuing my dream.

Isn't it cool?...cost a total of $28 too!

I've found lots of other beautiful home accessories made from agate and precious stones lately.  Check 'em out!


 Picture frames...
Quartz and crystal bottle stoppers...

Crystal and gold/ silver serving trays...
 And glass & agate napkin rings...

Unfortunately I think I've reached my quota for these in my own home but am excited at all the possibilities I now have for upcoming projects!  Be on the lookout for these for your own home, they really can be found everywhere from antique and thrift stores to shopping malls and even Vegas hotel shops!


  1. Great ideas! Keep them coming!

  2. ok, how fun is that? I Love your mom!! what a fantastic and thoughtful present. love that!!