New Years Party...

Finally I've got the New years pictures pulled together!

First off, I'd like to introduce the infamous flower district I always speak of....this corner always gives me butterflies!  When I hit this marker, I'm beyond excited to see what the stores will have available that day.  It's like the start of a race for me! :)  Last Friday, my design-bestie and I met there to shop for flowers together in order for me to make a large arrangement for her dinner table for a New Year's eve party hosted by her and her husband at their place.

So this is one of the first shops you'll see on the North East corner of 28th/6th ave.  They always have a large selection of baskets and vases.  All of the stores on this block are either 1. supply stores (ribbon, baskets, vases, floral tape, rocks, shells, gardening & landscaping materials etc) or 2. flower or plant shops.

On Friday, more than ever I've seen, there were a ton of supply stores with large birch and other wild branches.  It's no wonder, because it really does make for great holiday decor.

Topiaries, miniature evergreens, and more festive white branches....

We too were totally inspired by all the decorative branches and feeling for the height of a tall arrangement so decided to purchase this large and reasonable bundle of pussy willow branches for $17.50.  I have also been on a kick with large palm leaves and so we picked up a bundle for $10.  

Once I got home I prepped the palms for the arrangement by giving them two light coats of silver spray paint out on our deck.  This makes them a little more chic and festive!

The color scheme of the party was composed of neutrals with some pops of metallic.  The neutrals came from the plated black eyed peas, a black lacquered vase, bamboo plates, the linen table cloth, brown napkins and now the natural brown and white pussy willow branches.  The metallics came from the gold lurex throughout the table cloth, the silver serving bowl and mirrored trunk and then the palm leaves I sprayed.  The color palette worked so well throughout the apartment and really kept it so elegant and chic.
Here's how the $27.50 arrangement turned out...

I was really pleased how simple it was to construct and what a big impact it made.  We were touched by all our friends sweet comments!  

My design-bestie is a kitchen accessory fanatic.  It's a running joke between the two of us that if we're shopping and lose track of each other I just have to go to the housewares section and I'll find her stocking up on some new pizza cutter or picnic equipment she can't live without.  I adore this about her!  And because of this trait, it was no surprise to me that she had planned an ingenious idea of having paper plates and napkins. These were the chic-est plates and napkins anyone's ever seen...bamboo plates for one-time use and then tailored chocolate brown paper napkins which were both genius for our many courses.  Such a brilliant idea!  I love how in the picture you can't even tell either...that's how elegant everything was!

My design-bestie had bought macaroons....
Side note: I need to put this out in the universe now- they are my absolute favorite dessert! ;)  
She used them as placecard holders!  She printed out miniature black & white photos and glued them to toothpicks which she then stuck in coffee flavored (brown colored) macaroons.  Such an adorable, not to mention, delicious idea!  This was mine (and needless to say I gobbled down at least two other guests' whom I remember ;)...

I'm not only a huge fan of decorating but food presentation too...I know, who would've guessed? ;)  Look how beautiful her pork loin with roasted figs and a pita kebab turned out.  I was touched she served it on the Brooklyn-themed plate I got her for her housewarming from Fish's Eddy.  Also note the vintage silver pig carving utensils as well as the jute runner from Jonathan Adler on the table...such a great added natural touch. 

I had to document this bottle of Malbec that James & I paired with our short-rib raviolis.  It is named 'reunion' and has a large farm table & chairs on it, which I thought was so perfect for the occasion...not to mention delicious!  I have to remember the name so we never run out :).

Lastly, she had set up sort of a mini tasting station before dinner in the front of her apartment.  This was so smart because it kept everyone mingling and out of the kitchen area where all the food prep was being done.  I loved how she re-purposed so many pieces in her place for this party.  This mirrored trunk is typically their coffee table but she slid it against the wall to create more flow in the center of the living room and put a beautiful silver dish filled with black eyed peas as the base and then topped with a little bowl of caviar, sweet potato chips and sour cream and then she had a rustic board of cheeses next to that.  So creative and beautiful! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years and you now have some creative party decorating ideas for the future.  I know I sure do!


  1. Who ever threw this party is a genius:) Your posts give me such inspiration!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love this post Hurricane! the painted leaves are so creative and chic! -Prissy


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