LR Concept: Modern eclecticism

It's about time I start incorporating more projects that I'm working on into my blog so here goes!

I am in the midst of three projects, all at completely different stages.  This one that I'll start with is a 1 bedroom in Gramercy, actually in my same building!  I was hired by a girl who saw the ad I had posted on our building's bulletin board.  I have gotten royally spoiled with the ease of meeting and zero travel time between floors!  I recently revamped her bedroom dresser over a weekend and the time and effort it took to carry paint and tools to and from was a piece of cake in comparison to many others.

Here are some pics of her current place.  She owns her apartment, bought it a few years back and completely gutted it.  She most recently (as of last year) hired an interior designer but it didn't work out so well.  She felt extremely rushed and in turn ended up not being happy with their choices.  This is her final shot to make her place feel chic and liveable...no pressure for me or anything ;).

This white shelving is going to be ripped out and a new wall-to-wall shelving built in it's place.

The dark accent wall will absolutely be changed, you know my feelings on accent walls ;).  The whole room will be painted a great neutral grey.

Lucky for me, this client has great taste!  Every time I've met her, her outfits have been amazing!...like a lot of people, she can dress herself but definitely struggles with dressing her home.  She has very modern taste but appreciates well made objects that age beautifully so there's potential for vintage but in very small ways.  I immediately understood what she likes and we have vibed so well throughout this process.     

This first pic is the overall concept we had for her living room.  A sense of modern eclecticism with a worldly feel since she travels a ton.  We decided on a light grey for the walls and accents of persimmon and a rich luxurious teal here and there to compliment a large painting she has hanging above her sofa.
This is the shelving we decided on to have built from end to end along the right side wall.   Like in the inspiration, we will make this a sitting nook where she can eat, read and even work.
We're planning on a chandelier similar to this style to hang above the small table in this nook (removing the current one).  It will be custom painted in the orange/red persimmon shade.

Then for seating we have decided on this pair of arm chairs.  They will have an aged gold finish and be upholstered in this lux teal velvet like in the bottom chair...

The next few pieces (vases and the decorative box) are all inspiration for decor items, escpeically in order to create a chic, layered and put together presentation on the shelves.

This is inspiration for very worldy/ ethnic/ handmade textiles for the livingroom...

A fun graphic and fuzzy pillow to compliment the colors and add dimension on the grey couch....

This persimmon colored side table will go next to the couch.  The chandelier color will match back to this perfectly.

The below piece we want for her new entertainment unit.  It is from CB2 and I love that it has such an industrial feel and that it's a completely different element we haven't used yet.  It's so good to mix!

I'm sure you'll recognize this rug, I have loved it for quite some time.   I think it'll be a great addition in using greys to ground the room against the other bright colors.
That's all for now...but stay tuned for the bedroom in a whole new inspiration-board format!

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  1. amen on an accent wall-they are not cute. def not a fan either. and i love a deep gray! its gonna look so good!