A little Oooo La La...

In preparation of Valentine's Day I wanted to share some fun, romantic, inspiring rooms and floral arrangements...

This was my favorite image I found.  1. The mirror is insane!  2. The bed is insane!  3. The elf slippers are insane! :)  I love the layout of the room, especially how the bed is floating in the middle, it is so different!

I haven't been a fan of pink since I grew out of my childhood bedroom that was all pink but this is a really nice way to use it in a small/ subtle way...

Just because it's Vday doesn't mean everything has to be pink and red and covered in hearts ;).  This is super soft and romantic in a beautiful Parisian shade of blue.

1. The beamed/ pitched ceiling in the place is to-die for  2. The wallpaper although so busy and dainty works beautifully with all the rustic furniture and vintage-looking striped rug.  I love when patterns in the same colored family are mixed (stripes & florals).  I also love the mirror between the two windows anchoring the wrought iron bed and the beautiful jug of blooiming cherry blossom branches.  They make a huge impact!

Again here- stripes & florals....

This last photo is great because it's so unexpected.  Putting so many different colors and genres of furntiutre together in one room but it really works and is super playful.  I love the electric yellow.  And the ombre-feel paint job on the wall is amazing. 

I love how stark these white vases are against the dark dresser & mirror and how delicate the flowers are with hints of white to compliment the vase.

Now on to some more pretty things thanks to mother nature...

I can't even fully express my immense love for these super romantic and unique bouquets from from Sarah Ryhanen, owner of Saipua, the cutest flower shop & blog who also even runs the little flower school in Brooklyn.  I've got to look into their classes! 

See how their arrangements are full of whimsy and some even cascade over the side ever so delicately.  I always try to achieve this and never quite manage to nail it.  The color and texture compositions all are amazing and perfectly muffled. 

I'm hoping maybe James and I can go flower shopping this weekend so I can create one of my own whimsical arangements....hint hint if you're reading this, babe ;).

Some news to share before I end...I'm starting a new job at an architecture firm that does interior design too.  I start on Monday and couldn't be more excited!  Hoping this is the "foot-in-the-door" experience I've been searching for.  Wish me luck! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats!!! Best of luck on Monday! xoxoxo

  2. hahahaha....crap! totally missed the hint on the flower shopping....sorry babe! love u so much and i am so proud of you!